Regional Directors for the New Stoa Council

The following members of New Stoa meet and discuss various issues of the Stoic community in a group emailing forum that was created to provide counsel for the direction of our community. We began in 2010 as the Eleven and became the New Stoa Council.

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France, Belgium, Switzerland

Guillaume Andrieu GUILLAUME ANDRIEU (1981-), Toulouse, France, Regional Director for France/Belgium/Swiss Region and editor of the Registry Report. "I currently reside in southern France where I work as a software developer for aircraft documentation. I request to be counted as a member of the New Stoa, because I would like to get in touch with the thoughts of other people who have been exposed to Stoic ideas and think of them as the way to build a human future."

Eastern United States

Chris Fisher CHRIS FISHER (1959 -), Florida, USA, Chris was first introduced to Stoic tenets while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He spent almost twenty years working in Silicon Valley, California, as a computer hardware specialist, software engineer, and later as sales executive and regional manager for a large software company.

In 2004, Chris moved to Florida and returned to public service; this time as a law enforcement officer. Within Stoicism, Chris discovered wisdom he can apply in his daily life as a husband, and father, and law enforcement detective. He is a graduate of the College of Stoic Philosophers' SES course and the Marcus Aurelius School.

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British Isles

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Timo Koivusalo TIMO KOIVUSALO (1958-), , "I'm a freelance translator by profession and author of historical fiction by heart. Previously I spent 15+ years in the IT industry as a systems management consultant, and prior to that, among other things, I was a soldier in two armies, including service with the renowned US Army Rangers.

I discovered Stoicism more or less by accident about eight years ago and have not looked back ever since. More I learn about Stoicism, more I am impressed with the wisdom of the Stoics. What appeals to me in Stoicism is its down to earth approach to provide guidance in everyday matters. Stoicism is a comprehensive, serious academic school of philosophy as well, but do not let that fool you. Unlike the others, Stoicism can be put to excellent practical use as a guide on how to lead a good life."

Counsel Director and Regional Director East Asia

John Laerum JOHN LAERUM (1946-), Pusan, Korea, Current Director of the New Stoa, Regional Director for East Asia and other regions that do not yet have a Regional Director. After 4 years as Director for the New Stoa, I found the time had come to step down and get some fresh energy into leadership so I asked Giulia Harding to be my successor and in October 2015 she took over. Unfortunately Giulia had to step down after a few months and Guillaume Andrieu, who was Deputy Director, took over as Director and I took over from him when his term was completed.

Associate Regional Director East Asia

Joe Malmberg JOE MALMBERG (1972 -), Japan, I am an EFL teacher living in Nagoya, Japan. I have lived here for about 17 years with my family. Due to some personal crises, I used philosophy to make my life better again. My brother recommended that I read Marcus Aurelius and after that I read a few translations of Epictetus and started to apply their ideas to gain happiness. So far I have done most of this on my own so I want to learn more from our community and hopefully try to get a good correspondence going of how to apply and use stoic ideas in our life daily.

Western United States

Brian Neuhauser BRIAN NEUHAUSER (1963-), Colorado, USA, I'm from a military family that lived many places while I was growing up, but Colorado has been home for 30 years now. I was an electrical engineer by training and for the early part of my career. In order for us to relocate here though, I accepted a posting as a technical writer and have been doing that work ever since. A passing interest in Stoicism grew serious after I suffered a heart attack at the ripe old age of 45, in spite of seeming good health. I suspect that my poor response to externals played a big role in what happened. I'm trying to draw upon Stoic techniques to better manage my impressions.

Associate Regional Director Western United States

Carl White CARL WHITE (1974 -), Aliso Viejo, California , I was first introduced to Stoicism while studying philosophy in undergraduate school. I then served four years in the United States Air Force, assigned to a Security Forces Squadron and I'm currently employed as a Police Detective in the Los Angeles, California area. During a lengthy break from formal academia, I became somewhat of a freelance academic and auto-didact; embracing the study of philosophy as a way to enhance the quality of my life. My intellectual interests are in Stoicism and the Philosophy of Religion; both of which I find to be accessible and applicable to everyday life.


Jerry Robertson JERRY ROBERTSON (1940 -), Boise, Idaho, USA, New Stoa's Webmaster and technical advisor resides in Boise, Idaho. "I am a retired IT professional. I was previously Information Systems Manager for a fortune 100 company in California where I was responsible for business software development and maintenance for the company's financial, payroll and human resources systems. My other responsibilities included software quality, security, and disaster recovery. I was the original webmaster when the company started using the Internet and developed an Intranet. I have been in the software business since 1972."

Counsel Deputy Director and Regional Director Canada

Greg Rowden GREG ROWDEN (1974 -), Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, I currently own and manage a medium-size plastics company near Toronto, Ontario. I am also a CPA and recently completed an MBA degree. More importantly, I am married with 3 great children that allow me the opportunity to practice stoicism on a daily basis. I discovered Stoic philosophy while browsing a used bookstore three years ago. I picked up a copy of Meditations that was in the business section by mistake. Ever since, I have been interested in studying and applying stoicism in my business and personal life.

Latin America

Anthony Sanchez ANTHONY SANCHEZ (1965-), Costa Rica, Regional Director for Latin America. Tony works as a Computer Science Engineer. "Since my teen years I have had an interest in philosophy, basically in ethics and in forming a code of conduct I could feel conformable with and that made sense to me. That quest made me work out some personal beliefs that I later found to be congruent and immensely complemented with Stoic principles, and so I began studying on my own. It is something I have never stopped doing, and which has been very rewarding helping me find a bit of inner peace. I would be very pleased to be able to join others and share in their experiences and wisdom."

Central United States

DT Strain DT STRAIN (1971-), Houston, Texas, USA, DT Strain is Stoic and a Buddhist. He is also a Humanist minister certified by the American Humanist Association. He speaks and writes on the topics of spirituality, ancient philosophy, and spiritual naturalism. Strain' site and group, the 'Humanist Contemplative' has inspired a similar mindfulness group at Harvard University. He currently serves as executive director of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, a non-profit organization promoting naturalistic forms of spiritual practice.

Dutch/Flemish region

Chris Visser CHRIS VISSER (1957 -), Rotterdam, The Netherlands, The first time I heard the word 'Stoa' it was architect-speak when they planned a shopping mall across the street from my house. It turned out to be an open-air bicycle shed. The second time it was used to indicate a group of philosophers, now I was interested. That was 4 years ago and I am still interested. Well, it changed my life actually. Relying on the infallible system of wisdom that I call hindsight, I am glad that I found New Stoa immediately. I think I would otherwise still be wandering about amongst obscure new-age like groups and reading all those American self-help books. Stoicism is my cup of tea because it is concise, wise and exact. I have heard it described as 'tough'. But as confusion, disorder and chaos is the alternative, I choose tough.

Stoicism is in my view not a getting rid of things, the emotions we are accused of trying to discard, but replacing them with better ones i.e. pleasure, fear and desire for joy, caution and well-wishing.

Putting Stoicism into practice is hard, and together with my studies I wish this will last me a lifetime.


Henry van Wagenberg HENRY VAN WAGENBERG (1985 -), Berlin Germany, I discovered Stoicism after losing my job in NYC in 2009 amid the financial crisis and moving to my dad's house near Baltimore, where I spent one year reading philosophy while waiting tables. It was a difficult year, and the Stoic writers (Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus) struck a chord. I've carried Marcus Aurelius's Meditations in my backpack ever since.

Scholarch for the College of Stoic Philosophers

Erik Wiegardt ERIK WIEGARDT (1945-), San Diego, California, USA, Erik is the founder of New Stoa and the College of Stoic Philosophers. He works full time for the Stoic community.
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